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EAC Energy sector overview

Energy is essential in the running of daily domestic activities and operation of industry. Availability of sufficient, reliable and affordable energy is crucial for the functioning of the economies of the EAC Partner States. As a service and productive sector, energy plays a catalytic role in stimulating investments and higher levels of productivity.

Energy supply and energy access have, therefore, been integrated into the EAC Development Strategy the focus of which is the supply of sufficient, reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly energy through promotion of both renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

This is aimed at facilitating the broader EAC objectives of attracting investments, competitiveness and trade for the mutual benefit of East Africans.

The sector is organised into three sub-sectors:

a) Power (including transmission and inter-connectivity);
b) New and Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Conservation and Efficiency; and
c) Fossil Fuels

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