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Major initiatives in the EAC Energy sector


East African Power Master Plan

Addressing technical requirements and economic viability for interconnection of the power systems in the Partner States as growth in demand occurs over the next 20 years from 2003.


Regional Collaboration in Power Sector Projects

The EAC works closely with other regional organisations in promoting regional projects and programmes. The organisations have agreed to collectively promote projects in common geographical area with the each organisation taking a lead in promoting the project that it is best placed to promote. The Projects are focused on the establishment of transmission lines that will result in complete interconnection of the region.

Cross-Border Electrification Programme

In its efforts to increase access in a cost effective manner, the EAC has developed a cross-border electrification programme that enables border centres to access electricity from the nearest grid.



Regional Strategy on Scaling Up Access to Modern Energy Services in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and Poverty Reduction

A Regional Strategy on Scaling-Up Access to Modern Energy Services has been prepared with assistance from the UNDP and GTZ.  Download



Refineries Development Strategy

The Regional Strategy on development of regional refineries addresses all aspects of petroleum distribution system in the region

Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects

The EAC continuously assesses the overall feasibility of implementing routing for pipelines for oil and gas  in the region.

East African Petroleum Conferences

Held every two years since 2003, these conference have transformed the East African petroleum sector.


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