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Cross-Border Electrification Programme

In its efforts to increase access in a cost effective manner, the EAC has developed a cross-border electrification programme that enables border centres to access electricity from the nearest grid.  Under this programme, Tanzania is supplied by Kenya at Namanga while Kenya is supplied from Tanzania at Lunga Lunga.

Similar schemes exist between Uganda and Tanzania and between Uganda and Rwanda.  In an effort to accelerate this programme, a cross border electrification policy and model power supply agreement have been developed. The framework will guide the development of cross border electrification projects.

The status of identified cross border electrification projects is as follows:

a) Kenya/Tanzania

i) Isebania (Kenya) / Sirari (Tanzania) – the two sides of the border are electrified from their respective Partner States.

ii) Lunga Lunga (Kenya) / Horohoro (Tanzania) – Lunga Lunga is supplied from Tanzania.  The contract between Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC) and Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO) for power supply of Lunga Lunga from Tanzania has been operating smoothly since 2004

iii) Namanga (Kenya) / Namanga(Tanzania) – Namanga (Tanzania) is supplied from Kenya since April 2009.

iv) Taveta (Kenya) / Holili (Tanzania) – Connection to Holili to be made from Taveta.


b) Uganda/Kenya

i) Lwakhakha (Kenya) / Lwakhakha (Uganda) – Uganda is seeking for resources to electrify Lwakhakha from Kenya, which already has supply.  Upon securing funding, Uganda will contact the Kenyan authorities to negotiate a Power Supply Agreement.


c) Tanzania/Uganda

i) Mutukula (Uganda) / Mutukula (Tanzania) – Electrification of the Ugandan side was commissioned in March 2009.  Market survey on the Tanzanian side is complete and negotiations for a power supply agreement will commence as soon as funding is secured.

ii) Kikagati (Uganda) / Murongo (Tanzania) – Electrification of Kikagati was commissioned in April 2009.  Market survey on the Tanzanian side is complete and MoU between Tanzania and Uganda was signed in September 2011. Bilateral negotiations for a power supply agreement are ongoing.

iii) Kikagati hydro power project – Development of a 10 MW mini hydro plant is expected to commence soon.  A Memorandum of Understanding in the spirit of the East African Community was signed between Uganda and Tanzania to govern the development and operation of the project.  The EAC Secretariat provided technical input in preparation of the MOU.


d) Rwanda/Uganda
Gisoro (Uganda) is supplied from Rwanda while Byumba (Rwanda) is supplied from Uganda.


e) Burundi/Tanzania

i) Kobero (Burundi) / Ngara (Tanzania) - Ngara in Tanzania has power supply and will be used to electrify Kobero in Burundi. The two towns are 40 kilometers apart. Cross-border electrification will develop rural electrification in the two sides and the cross-border one post of Kobero.

ii) Gisuru (Burundi) / Kibondo (Tanzania) -  Gisuru in Burundi has grid power that will supply Kibondo. Diesel generators with a capacity of 3 MW have been installed at Kibondo.

iii) Mugina (Burundi) / Manyovu (Tanzania) - there are plans to electrify Mugina in Burundi from Mabanda (Burundi) after which Manyovu in Tanznaia can be electrified.


f) Burundi/Rwanda

Kanyaru (Burundi) / Butare (Rwanda) - plans are underway to use the Butare power supply to electrify Kanyaru in Burundi.

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