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East African Power Master Plan: Progress on Updating the EAC Power Master Plan

The EAC, jointly with the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP), is in the process of developing a Regional Power Master Plan and Interconnection Code.

The EAC-EAPP Regional Power Plan (2013-2038) expanded the existing East African Power Master Plan (EAPMP) (2003-2024) to cover the two Partner States of Rwanda and Burundi which joined the EAC after the EAPMP had already been developed.  In addition, the 2013-2038 plan updated key planning criteria and took account of developments in the power sector since March 2005 when the EAPMP was completed.

The study commenced in October 2009 and aimed at defining the least cost power development plan of generation and transmission projects to cater for the Region’s power needs for a 25-year horizon from 2013 to 2038. The study was completed in February 2011.

EAC is working with the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) in line with the directive of the Tripartite Summit of COMESA, EAC and SADC Heads of State held in October 2008 in Kampala.

This approach will enable EAC to identify sources of cheap electricity from to ten Eastern Africa countries where the EAC could interconnect to complement development of locally available resources.

Since implementation of projects identified in the Master Plan is expected to embrace the concept of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), power system planners from the Region will receive training on PPP under the project, which is funded by the NEPAD- Infrastructure Project Preparatory facility (NEPAD-IPPF) through the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The project also includes development of an Interconnection Code to guide design and operation of electricity interconnections in the Region.

Phase I of the study is complete following submission of the Final Interim Report covering the following modules:

1.  Module 1A - Demand Forecast
2.  Module 1B - Transmission Interconnection Code
3.  Module 1C - Supply-Demand Analysis
4.  Module 1D - Transmission Studies

The second phase which will lead to the production of the Power System Master Plan and Interconnection Code will cover the following Modules:

1.    Module 2A – System Studies
2.    Module 2B – Environment Impact Assessment
3.    Module 2C – Cost Estimates, Risk & Benefit Analysis and Economic & Financial Analysis
4.    Module 2D – Investment Plan
5.    Module 2E – Institutional Arrangements and Funding Sources
6.    Module  2F – Regional market Operator
7.    Module 2G – Regional Interconnection Code

Existing and Future Transmission Lines in the EAC (Map)

Download the East Africa Power Master Plan Study


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